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Here's our online journal of what our storytellers have been up to! Click here for the contents, or visit our news headlines.

  • Nearly hacked at Hackthorn!
    5th October 2012
    Chip hung for dear life to a tree on a quest for a magic book, while man-eating squirrels prepared to attack... but pupils at Hackthorn were there to save him! Hear about this, and some of the other stories created by this week's Little Birds at Hackthorn and Welton...!
  • Tales for Future Olympians
    19th August 2012
    Our storyteller Chip spent a whole week at the RAF Museum in London sharing stories from Ancient Greece, in celebration of the London Olympics 2012. Click here for some of the stories and the games we played!
  • 1,440 miles!
    3rd August 2012
    Our Crazy Bird Tour of 9 performances in 2 weeks from Cumbria to Somerset is finally over. But it's not the end for the show — or the stories...
  • Bird Bowels & Dog Noses
    2nd August 2012
    The penultimate day of our Crazy Bird Tour is frantic but hugely enjoyable, mostly thanks to the volunteers and audiences who joined us at two village halls in Dorset!
  • How the M5 got its name...!
    1st August 2012
    As part of our Crazy Bird Tour, BBC Somerset challenge us to make up a story live on air including such diverse elements as cheese, the M5, and Glastonbury Festival!
  • The Stench of Victory
    31st July 2012
    The audience at Kings Hill Community Centre seemed incredibly excited to see us, and eagerly told us their favourite moments at the end — which included creating a brand new fairy tale with a very smelly rescue!
  • Three Dragons & a Dog
    30th July 2012
    What a fab audience we met when we arrived in Oxford! Their video feedback makes it very clear which character was the star of the show — but their story of the Three Dragons had everyone shaking with laughter...
  • Headless & Hopeless
    29th July 2012
    In Winchester, our charming audience craft the story of a scary but foolish headless horseman, whilst making some of the best thingies we've seen throughout our tour so far — including a musical one!
  • Voyage to the Pacific
    27th July 2012
    The Walsall audience for our Crazy Bird Tour help a prince find and recover his stolen parents, the king and queen — a quest which takes him all the way to a Pacific island to face the Nasty Nasty Nasty Nasty Nasty Man...!
  • Teleporting Hats!
    26th July 2012
    Chip and David appeared on BBC Radio Solent today to talk about our Crazy Bird Tour... and were challenged to make up a story on the spot! Click here to listen to how they got on...
  • The Magic Stripe
    25th July 2012
    Next our Crazy Bird Tour takes us to Chester, where a delightful audience create the tale of a tiger with a magic stripe — and give great feedback to Chip's camera phone!
  • A 2-Headed Ostrich
    24th July 2012
    The first stop on our Crazy Bird Tour is the Great Asby Village Hall in Cumbria, where the audience help us tell a story about a rare two-headed ostrich who needs cheering up from Santa...!
  • The Witch's Horse
    18th July 2012
    Read the story created by Chip live on air for BBC Radio Cumbria, and check out our competition to win free tickets to a performance of A Bird In Your Ear...!
  • A fresh forest
    15th July 2012
    In preparation for our Crazy Bird Tour, that kicks off next week, the magical Snail Tales design team have been giving our enchanted forest a make-over...!
  • Ria wins gore for her school!
    9th July 2012
    Ria from Year 2 was one of the winners in the National Literacy Trust Reading Challenge for 2012, and chose our storyteller to visit her school and tell a gory Ancient Egyptian myth!
  • Royal Rendezvous

    David takes the helm as director for a story by a Little Bird — which he uses as an excuse to get the rest of us hopping around like crazy...!

  • Barking Mad

    Talulah gets stuck into the making of our enchanted forest trees, with the help of PVA glue and moslin &mdash while the storytellers relax the day away...

  • Bare Bones

    Our first real day on our feet developing A Bird In Your Ear sees us playing with skeletons — made out of gardening gloves and lighting stands!

  • The Team Assembles

    Little Birds veterans Gloria and Chip are joined by the talented David and LJ for the first day of rehearsals for our new theatre tour, A Bird In Your Ear.

  • Planning the Magic

    Chip and Talulah are joined by experienced Little Birds storyteller Gloria at the Artrix in Bromsgrove, to begin planning the next few weeks of rehearsal and set building.

  • Of Goats and Fabric

    Chip and Talulah meet with Andy Lawrence from the Theatre of Widdershins to get advice on the set for A Bird In Your Ear... whilst on a farm in the Peak District!